Which bridal service is right for me?

Brides sometimes ask why they would choose the All-Inclusive bridal over a Single Service day. The average bride is now wearing her hair style and makeup for 13 hours on her wedding day! Even though I add every level of insurance and prep to your hair and skin, you will need touch ups! Especially if you choose to do pre-ceremony photos. This way you are freshly touched up for an additional few hours after services end.

Can I do a trial first before I decide to book?

Yes, however, my dates book up very quickly. I highly recommend retaining your date first to ensure that it’s saved then we can schedule your trial session about 3 months out from the big day.

Without a signed service agreement and date retainer in place, I cannot guarantee I will be available for your date. My dates are reserved 12 months in advance. First signed and retained, gets the date.Are there travel fees?

I include one free hour round trip in my rate. Any additional time needed will be based on my hourly rate, start times, seasonal weather conditions etc. Hotel accommodations may be required in addition.

How do I order wholesale?

With most wedding timelines, I can personally schedule 6-8 services without an early start time. My brides prefer that I arrange for an assisting artist from one of my preferred partners.. This keeps the look cohesive and avoids multiple minimum booking fees for you. A team building fee of $150 per additional artist will be incurred to retain services. Although, I don’t recommend this following option, if you have a larger wedding party, you are welcome to use other beauty vendors of your choice.

Start here then transfer there?

Your wedding day is planned around a specific timeline carefully coordinated by your vendor team. My work requires time and focus. I will allow ample time for each service. Should we be allowed only limited access to the venue, it’s the bride’s responsibility to arrange for another getting ready location. This is included in my All-Inclusive Service. A $75 transfer fee will be assessed to Single Service packages.

It’s ok, no wedding starts on time…

Uhhhh, sorry, but no. You and your vendors have worked so hard to ensure every detail is in place. The beauty services will make or break a timeline. I have built my reputation on creating perfected hair and makeup designs while being punctual. If scheduled clients are tardy or unprepared for their appointment, it may result in a forfeit of their services.

To tip or not to tip…

Gratuity is never built in or expected, however, it is always so appreciated if you’re happy with your look...it is a service after all.

Let’s book it!

Fabulous! I will send you an online service agreement and gather some more details regarding your big day. Once we have the service agreement in place with a retainer, we will schedule the bridal preview session! The retainer will cover the bridal preview as well as a portion of the bride’s wedding day services.